Public offer

Public Offer


Note: The Public Offer has been updated. Please review the updated Public Offer carefully before using the Website. By using the Website, you consent to the terms of the updated Public Offer.


This Public offer (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is an agreement between Zashchin Maxim Stanislavovich (hereinafter referred to as AKK-SELLER) and individuals who use (hereinafter referred to as Users) the web-site (hereinafter referred to as the Site).

By viewing / placing ads about the sale on the Site, the User accepts the terms of this Agreement and gives full and unconditional consent to the conditions set forth in the Agreement, as a result of which legal relations are established between the AKK-SELLER and the User (hereinafter referred to as the Parties, separately as the Party) regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation .

If you do not agree with any condition of the Agreement or if it is not clear to you, please do not use the Site until any ambiguities or disagreements have been removed.



1.1. AKK-SELLER provides the User with the right to use the Site and reserves the right to provide a similar level of access to an unlimited number of Users in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

1.2. Use of the Site is carried out by the User independently, without the direct participation of AKK-SELLER. AKK-SELLER does not give any guarantees regarding the compatibility of the Site with the User’s devices, from which the User access the Site, but can provide technical support and update the Site.

The updated Site may contain the correction of errors, shortcomings, fixed bugs and / or other innovations.

1.3. The right to use the Site is provided to Users from AKK-SELLER free of charge.

1.4. AKK-SELLER is not a seller on the Site or an affiliate of the seller. AKK-SELLER does not perform any actions on behalf of the buyers or at their expense, aimed at the execution of sales transactions carried out after the transition from the Site.


2.1. AKK-SELLER provides, and the User receives the right to use the Site.

2.2. AKK-SELLER has the right to amend the Agreement unilaterally, about which the User will receive a notification on the Site.

2.3. AKK-SELLER has the right to carry out planned technical work on the Site as a result of which certain functionality of the Site or the Site may be temporarily unavailable, which AKK-SELLER may notify the Users in advance on the Site.

2.4. AKK-SELLER has the right to conduct unscheduled technical work on the Site in the event that work is carried out in connection with the need to eliminate significant errors, vulnerabilities, as well as cases of inoperability of the Site that are not related to direct actions of AKK-SELLER (hacking, attacks, etc.).

2.5. The User does not have the right to assign his rights and obligations under the Agreement to third parties.

2.6. The User agrees to refrain from: copying the Site and audiovisual displays, extracting information from it, including individual objects (images, sounds, videos, texts), performing other actions not expressly provided for by the Site interface.

2.7. Personal data

2.7.1. AKK-SELLER may collect technical and personal information when using the Site by the User. This information is collected solely with the consent of the User and in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Site.

2.7.2. If User provides his personal data that not required under the Agreement and the Privacy Policy means he gives consent to their processing by AKK-SELLER in order to execute the Agreement.

2.8. Custom content.

2.8.1. The user has the right to place advertisements for sale on the Site and determines their content within the framework of the possibilities provided to him by the Agreement and the technical functionality of the Site. The user is fully responsible for the materials (content) posted by him both to the person whose rights may be affected, and to AKK-SELLER, and for violation of the terms of the Agreement.

2.8.2. AKK-SELLER does not control (does not monitor, approve or endorse) the User’s ads. As well as does not control the content of the User’s pages (pages of the Site that the User has the right to change and / or changes). AKK-SELLER provides the User with the technical ability to create pages (announcements) within the Site.

AKK-SELLER does not control the specific placement of the material, does not select or approve the final recipients of the material — visitors (including other Users) of the Site.

AKK-SELLER does not alter the content of material posted by the User. Possible technical changes with respect to the material do not apply to substantive changes. The User understands that the design of the Site, the display of the entered information may change, but not the information of the User.

2.8.3. AKK-SELLER reserves the right to unilaterally remove any material, suspend or restrict the User’s access to the Site in case AKK-SELLER becomes aware that such use of the Site violates or contributes to a violation of the rights of AKK-SELLER, the rights of third parties, legal provisions, international norms and rules, conditions of the Agreement and / or does not correspond to the idea and essence of the Site.

AKK-SELLER has the right to perform such actions without prior notice to the User if it considers necessary to immediately respond to a violation or alleged violation in accordance with applicable law.

2.8.4. The user agrees not to use the Site for advertising purposes, except for advertising the property that he sells.

2.8.5. The User agrees to refrain from using the Site for illegal and dishonest purposes (such as: inciting conflicts, violation of the rights of third parties, infringement or violation of the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, illegal enrichment, deceit, misrepresentation, fraud, insult, humiliation of human dignity and honor, SPAM, etc.).

2.9. User, placing ads on the Site, agrees not to conduct transactions through the Site. Violation of any of the conditions is a violation of the Agreement.

2.10. The User who is viewing the ads for sale on the Site independently searches, studies and accepts the offers of the Users who post ads for the sale on the Site.



3.1. This Agreement is valid until terminated by AKK-SELLER. If AKK-SELLER decides to close the Site or otherwise suspend its operation, it will notify the User in advance about its decision. The Agreement is considered terminated from the moment of closing the Site and / or other suspension of its operation, respectively.

3.2. If the terms of the Agreement will be changed, the User must familiarize themselves with them.

In case of disagreement with the new version of the Agreement, the User must stop using the Site.

3.3. AKK-SELLER has the right to unilaterally refuse to execute the Agreement if the User has violated any of the terms of the Agreement. The Agreement is considered terminated out of court at the time of the actual deprivation of the User authorized access to the Site.

3.4. AKK-SELLER has the right to refuse to conclude an Agreement if the User has previously violated the license terms of the Site or any other agreements concluded with AKK-SELLER, or to refuse to execute the Agreement unilaterally at any time without any monetary compensation.



4.1. The AKK-SELLER Service and all related intellectual property rights, including copyrights to text, drawings, images, databases, audio and video contained on the AKK-SELLER Website (hereinafter “Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights”), are the property of AKK-SELLER.

4.2. AKK-SELLER has the right at any time to transfer in whole or in part all Copyright and intellectual property rights to a third party without notifying and providing such information to the User, by providing an exclusive or exclusive license to use Copyright and intellectual property rights.

4.3. The User acknowledges all copyrights and intellectual property rights and at the same time declares that he will always use and respect all copyright and intellectual property rights when using Site.



5.1. AKK-SELLER is not responsible for any errors or defects of the Site, as well as for any other forms of incorrect operation of the Site that are beyond our competence.

5.2. AKK-SELLER does not bear any responsibility for the suitability of AKK-SELLER for the intended purposes of the User.

5.3. The User is responsible for any use of the Site and AKK-SELLER data that violates this Agreement, as well as for any other illegal or illegal use of the Site.

5.4. If the User uses the Site or AKK-SELLER data in a manner that contradicts or does not comply with the Agreement and the Privacy Policy, the User is fully responsible for all losses resulting from this.

5.5. AKK-SELLER does not bear any responsibility for the actions of any Site’ Users performed outside the Site.

5.6. Neither the User nor AKK-SELLER are responsible for the failure to fulfill their obligations caused by force majeure circumstances.

5.7. AKK-SELLER is not responsible for any actions on the Site, unless such actions have been undertaken by AKK-SELLER and / or its employees intentionally in order to violate the terms of the Agreement.



6.1. The name of the Site and the domain name are protected means of individualization. Their use without the consent of the copyright holder is unacceptable.

6.2. AKK-SELLER has the right to send to the User via the interface of the Site and / or via e-mail messages of various nature relating exclusively to AKK-SELLER, the Site, the Agreement and services.

6.3. The laws of the Russian Federation, as well as the laws of other countries, apply if the User is not a citizen of the Russian Federation.

6.4. The place of execution of the Agreement is the location of the head office of AKK-SELLER — in Moscow region, Kolomna, st. October Revolution, 328, Russian Federation.[L3]

6.5. The court whose jurisdiction includes the settlement of disputes related to this Agreement is the court at the place of registration of AKK-SELLER, determined on the day of filing the claim in accordance with the current procedural legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.6. To calculate the terms of this Agreement, the Parties have determined the use of Moscow time (Russian Federation).

6.7. E-mails (and attachments to them) — documents sent using e-mail (e-mail), as well as documents sent through an account on the Site (notifications of data changes, user requests, messages, etc.) are recognized by the Parties as such equivalent documents on paper signed by the handwritten signature of the Party concerned.


The proper e-mail addresses are: on the AKK-SELLER side, the e-mail addresses indicated on the Site, and on the User’s side, this is the e-mail address specified by him when concluding the Agreement.




Zashchin Maxim Stanislavovich

Address: Moscow region, Kolomna, st. October Revolution, 328, Russian Federation

E-mail: Tel. +79533623769